Can’t Connect To Internet? Try This Simple Trick

Many people everyday, worldwide, expercience issues when trying to connect to the Internet. What you should do in case your conncetion won’t work is to power off the router for at least 10-30 seconds then start again. If it won’t work, then try to restart your computer.

If it still won’t work, you may try to do the following

1.Go to the Search button or menu on your Windows computer
2.Type “cmd” without the quotes and start the program.
3.Now you should write “ipconfig/release” without the quotes and hit enter. Wait untill it’s done.
4.Next step is to type “ipconfig/renew” without the quote marks and push enter. Wait for it…. when it’s done, your internet connection should be back. I know it works because I am doing it every day.

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