First video of our Sass tutorial is online!

First video of our Sass tutorial is online!


Hello everybody. I am happy to say that the first video of a serie of videos about Sass is online and you can see it in the Tutorial’s page. I will try to upload new videos in a regular basis, meanwhile send me your feedbacks to have an idea of what I should improve.

This is the first time I create a video serie and I was a little nervous I must to admit. Now I am working in the second one which will be a little longer because we will get our hands dirty creating our workflow with Gulp.

Enjoy this first video and do not miss the next ones!!!


How To Get Started With Programming/Coding

The main question many have is “how to get started with coding”.

1. Front End
Try to learn something easier, like Front End. Front End is the design, the visual of a site. HTML and CSS should do the trick. If you want more, there is JavaScript. And JavaScript reminds of such programming languages as C# or Java. Learn yourself how to use bootstrap(a library of CSS and JS) and furthermore jQuery. THose are the basics of Front End.

2. Back End
Here are things getting trickier. You should put your fokus on ASP.NET or PHP. Back End is where developing starts. As a webdeveloper, you need to know even databases. SQL is the database “language” that is mainstream.

3. Developing
After that you have wandered on point 1 and 2, by learning the languages, I would recomand you C#. Do first use the command programms to learn yourself what you code does. Many companies use C# or the .NET framwork, of whom C# is part of.

Otherwise, go JAVA, as many applications are written in Java. Python is also a choice if you find it easy, your direction should be dictated by what you wanna work with and even more important, what your skill level is. Or what it could be.


Uninstalling .Net Core on Mac

If you own a Mac computer and decided to test the new .net Core framework keep in mind that you will need a script to do the uninstallation. This is the script:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Copyright (c) .NET Foundation and contributors. All rights reserved.
# Licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE file in the project root for full license information.

DIR=”$( cd “$( dirname “${BASH_SOURCE[0]}” )” && pwd )”

if [ $current_user != “root” ]; then
echo “$(basename “$0″) uninstallation script requires superuser privileges to run”
exit 1

# this is the common suffix for all the dotnet pkgs

installed_pkgs=($(pkgutil –pkgs | grep $dotnet_pkg_name_suffix))

for i in “${installed_pkgs[@]}”
echo “Removing dotnet component – \”$i\””
pkgutil –force –forget “$i”

[ “$?” -ne 0 ] && echo “Failed to remove dotnet packages.” && exit 1

echo “Deleting install root – $dotnet_install_root”
rm -r “$dotnet_install_root”
rm “$dotnet_path_file”

echo “dotnet packages removal succeeded.”
exit 0

If You Want To Hire A Freelancer Or If You Are One Check This Out

If you are looking for freelancer(s) or if you are one, then check out Upwork.

It’s a site for profesionals looking for a project, or for people looking for a freelancer for their projects. As a freelancer, you decide what price tag to work for for an hour.

With right price and skills you could easily get hired for a project. The rules state that you should apply for a project only if you have the time and the skill to complete it.

I have registered as a freelancer with $50 dollars for an hour of coding. It’s up to you to do what your career, or wallet, requires you to.

Start Learning Programming And Code On Your Mobile Device

If you want to learn and code on the go, on your mobile device, then I got some news for you.

A friend of mine tipsed me about learning-to-code apps that are available for both Android and iOS.

Their developer is Sololearn Inc and the apps are to learn Javascript, Java, C++,C#, HTML,CSS,Python, PHP and SQL; they are called “Learn”+ programming language.

And as I mentioned, the apps are available for both iOS and Android. Good luck!

P.S. You can also code and visit your profile fro your PC or Mac by visiting

Meet ‘ECOSIA’ – The Tree Planter Search Engine

Now a days everyone uses a search engine. The most popular without any doubt is Google.

However there are alternatives and I am intending to present you one of them: the Ecosia search engine.
“Ecosia is the search engine that plants trees with its ad revenue. Get the free browser extension and use Ecosia every time you search.”

They use their revenues to plant trees. Untill now, they have managed to plant over 5,5 million trees, with a new tree planted each 11 seconds. Their goal is to reach one billion planted trees by 2020. Ecosia has 2 million active users.

Here you can find more info: