Are you worried about you privacy?


As we all now, on these days is hard to know where our information is being saved when we use the internet. NSA, PRISM and many other institutions or programs are designed to collect information about the users on the internet and save this information for later “actions”.

If you to send private information by email and you don’t want to anyone else can read it or access to it maybe is time to begin to think about encryption.

What encryption does is to transform the text you write into complex and unreadable lines of text at the moment you send the email. On the other end, the receiver is asked for a certificate or password in order to decrypt the message and make it readable again.

There are platforms that claims to send encrypted messages (end-to-end encryption) like WhatsApp and other, but in reality what they do is encrypt the message that the user write but when this message reach the server it is decrypted and encrypted again before sending the message to the receiver. Thats mean there are not end-to-end encrypted.

There is a very good encryption service for emails, which is a real end-to-end encryption system called ProtonMail.

You can read more about ProtonMail here.  and in theirs homepage

Be safe on the internet…



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