Get Started with Sharepoint Framework

In this PnP Web Cast we concentrated on showing in practice how to get started with upcoming SharePoint Framework. We demonstrated the preview tooling (*) for development and how the development cycle will work with SharePoint Framework.



How To Add Embedds From SPOTIFY To WORDPRESS

You can find a great tutorial on how to add a song or an album from Spotify to WordPress. Check it out here: WordPress Support.

The trick for it to work (if it doesn’t) is however to add the song(or album) link FIRST.This means that it should be on top of your post. Otherwise you may experience problems such as the post only showing the link or an empty embedd.

Tired of Windows 10 defaults apps?


All of you that have Windows 10 may noted that the Microsoft’s OS comes with a number of defaults apps like BingSport, Weather, Xbox and many more. And you may also noted that when you uninstall these apps, they comes back when you run windows update which is annoying.

There is a script that can uninstall these apps. Actually there are a few number of scripts that can improve Windows 10 by for instance making windows update more friendly, fix privacy settings and a long etcetera.

You can download the zip file from here

It is important that you read the Read me file  because there are three previous steps you have to do before running the scrips.

Also is a good idea to read what every script does before you run it. The simple way is open it with notepad and read the short description at the beginning of each script.


Did you got stuck when styling your fonts?

Did you got stuck when styling your fonts?

As a front-end developer I always have the same problem when I need to define my font-sizes and line-heights in my CSS. Normally I need to take in consideration the base-size of the font to create the sizes of my h-elemnts and add to the equation the line-hight which needs to be proportional. And when all that is in place I go to bed whishing that the customer don’t change the font-type.

Well, to avoid that problem I strongly recommend you

At type-scale you can choose the font family and base-size and the page will calculate for you the headers and pragraphs sizes and line-heights. You can also choose between different scales i.e. minor third, major third, augmented and a lot more.

Not enough whith that, type-scale generate a CSS-script that can be used in your CSS file with all sizes and line-heights.

Happy coding!!!

First video of our Sass tutorial is online!

First video of our Sass tutorial is online!


Hello everybody. I am happy to say that the first video of a serie of videos about Sass is online and you can see it in the Tutorial’s page. I will try to upload new videos in a regular basis, meanwhile send me your feedbacks to have an idea of what I should improve.

This is the first time I create a video serie and I was a little nervous I must to admit. Now I am working in the second one which will be a little longer because we will get our hands dirty creating our workflow with Gulp.

Enjoy this first video and do not miss the next ones!!!